How to:

edit text in a SWF file with
Eltima SWF Editor

Try Flash Decompiler Trillix for Windows by Eltima, it will surely become your ultimate SWF text Editor with plenty of great features inside!
Please follow the steps shown below to edit text in SWF successfully:
Download and launch latest version of Flash Decompiler (SWF Editor). Download and launch latest version of Flash Decompiler Trillix
Choose the file you want to edit text in and add this file to "My Tasks" list
Switch to the "Edit" tab then and click "Texts"
You can edit both Static and Dynamic texts in SWF file. The editing process may slightly differ for these types of texts
Note that Static texts cannot be edited without editing their font first. Options available for Static and Dynamic texts you can find in our wiki page
You can see all the changes you make in SWF text editor Main player window
After you are done save the changes to the SWF file.
That's It! Thank you for downloading SWF Editor by Eltima!
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