How to:

edit SWF file using
SWF Editor by Eltima

Flash Decompiler Trillix for Windows allows editing SWF files elements even without converting them to their source format. Just add the file to Flash SWF editor tasks list and choose what elements you would like to change.
This is how it is done:
Download and launch latest version of Flash Decompiler (Eltima SWF Editor). Download and launch latest version of Eltima Flash Decompiler (SWF Editor)
Add SWF file you want to edit to "My Tasks" list
After you added the file, switch to "Edit" tab, which is located on a ribbon of SWF files editor
Click the icon corresponding with the object you want to edit: Images, Sounds, Texts, Links, Colors or Lines
Replace currently selected element with a new one. Note, that if you are editing images, the size of a new image, which will replace the old one, should be nearly the same as the old one.
All changes you apply are displayed in main SWF file editor window.
Once you are done with editing the required objects save the changes and enjoy the result!
That's It! Thank you for choosing SWF Editor by Eltima!
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