How to:

edit original sounds in a SWF file
with Flash Decompiler Trillix

Flash Decompiler Trillix for Windows by Eltima Software will surely come in handy if you need to edit sounds in SWF file easily and quickly.
Please follow the steps below to change sounds in SWF movie with Flash Editor:
Download and launch latest version of Flash Decompiler Download and launch latest version of Eltima Flash Decompiler (SWF Editor)
Add the file with sounds to edit to Flash Decompiler's "My Tasks" list
Go to "Edit" tab and choose "Sounds" option
Now you can replace selected sound with a new one. To browse to the new sound just click "Browse"
You can also select new sound format: WAV, MP3 or ADPCM
All changes you apply are displayed in Main player window of Flash Decompiler
Save the changes and enjoy the result with new sounds

Flash Editor allows you to edit sounds in your Flash movies easily without spending your time on complex Flash editing software.

That's It! Thank you for trying SWF Editor by Eltima!
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