Flash editor for SWF files

or how to make changes in SWF
and edit Flash movies

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SWF files are mainly created in Adobe® Flash® or in Adobe Flex Builder™. If you decide to edit Flash (SWF) file, you will need its source files as well as the native environment, i.e. Adobe Flash or Flex, where you will open source FLA or Flex files and edit them and publish back to SWF later.

But what if you don't have source files (lost them or they got corrupted). How to edit SWF file in that case?

Common solutions:
Developing the project from scratch.
Disadvantages: It will take lots of time and effort. Moreover you have to be an experienced Flash developer.
Ordering the editing of this SWF from a professional Flash developer.
Disadvantages:Such professionals' services usually cost a lot of money.

Unfortunately, none of the above methods allows quickly, efficiently and inexpensively edit SWF file.

Eltima Solution lets you easily edit SWF files

Flash Decompiler Trillix is an inexpensive solution for fast and effective SWF files editing. Save your time and money by editing SWF in this Flash editor.

Flash editor by Eltima Software offers you two possible ways of solving SWF editing issue:

  • If you have Adobe Flash you can restore FLA file in a couple of clicks with Flash Decompiler and then edit it in Flash;
  • You can also edit SWF file (images, sounds, links, etc.) in Flash Decompiler even without converting SWF to FLA.


More than that, you are able to:
Edit images in SWF file (replace image with a new one, change its format, make image transparent)
Edit sounds in Flash movie without converting it to FLA source file
Edit text in SWF file. You can edit both Static and Dynamic texts in Flash movie
Edit links in SWF movie and set the target attributes for them

In this section Flash Decompiler is presented as a Flash Editor, we have also created a SWF Editor HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

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