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How to edit SWF files on Mac

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SWF files are mainly published in Adobe® Flash® or Adobe Flex Builder™. To edit them you will need initial FLA file or Flex files (SWF file sources) and Adobe Flash or Flex installed where you can open FLA and make changes to it. Then you can publish edited FLA back to SWF.

Sometimes it happens that FLA file was lost or corrupted and you need to edit SWF file on Mac. What to do in that case?

Common solutions:
Develop FLA anew and then publish it back to SWF.
Disadvantages: In order to recreate FLA file in its native environment you'll have to spend a lot of your precious time and resources.

Unfortunately, none of the above methods allows quickly, efficiently and inexpensively edit SWF file.

Recover FLA source code and edit Flash files on Mac!

Flash Decompiler Trillix for Mac is a professional yet easy-to-use solution for decompiling SWF files, which allows editing them in case you lost your source FLA or Flex project. With Flash editor for Mac you can restore FLA or Flex files within couple of clicks and edit them in a native environment, then publish back to SWF file with changes you needed. That's it!


More than that, you are able to:
Extract SWF objects into various formats for further editing and using them in other applications
Preview and playback the SWF file you are going to convert or decompile
Process decompilation of several SWF files simultaneously
view and search within ActionScript

In this section Flash Decompiler is presented as a SWF Editor, we have also created a SWF Editor HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

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